Becoming invisible is the only solution

”To form a clear opinion about one fact it means to gather all the information and processing them without becoming partisans to neither one party or another. If we become partisans to one of the parts, we can’t have the same opinion without being considered ideologues. And we all know vert well where the ideologies and ideologues go in history” Adrian V

This week i realized that almost 90% of the internet sellers, bloggers or ”insert social media site here” are just corporate employees. Why? Because constantly i’m doing my reasarch on Google on the subjects that matter to me like sports, literature, how to save money, new diy projects, sewing, etc; subjects that appear on different blogs under different names, strongly personalized but. The frustrating and cold fact is that the present and the future belongs to those who make it, and in our case, the future belongs to the corporations, the rest of the world, the people who don’t want to go by the rule of others have only corners and leftovers from the old world. Most of the advisory sites out there are just corporate rubbish put under the banner of the ”work at home mom or dad or freelance whatever”, are full of foolishness and even if you work like a horse to plan and do stuff that is written that will get you lots of money you still ain’t got a penny in your 4-5 bank accounts that you made in the time between.


And this is where i want to get, this point is getting my attention for many years now and it only leads to one single conclusion: to survive and be well in this world is to become invisible, which means that you will have to learn to do most of your stuff at home, sell your stuff in a direct manner, via shops or e commerce sites and finally, talk to people like a normal being, not a gaddamn robot.


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